By Doug Ward

12th May, 2021 | 1:37pm

John Greechan blasts Union Bears over planned Rangers fan march

Scottish Daily Mail journalist John Greechan has blasted the Union Bears over plans for Rangers fans to march from Ibrox to George Square this weekend.

Rangers were confirmed as Scottish Premiership champions for over two months but they’re still yet to get their hands on the trophy.

They’ll do so for the 55th time on Saturday after playing Aberdeen at Ibrox in the final league game of the season.

According to the Daily Record, the Union Bears are urging fans to join them in a march from Ibrox to George Squad but Greechan is less than pleased with those plans given the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s not complicated. Rangers say the right thing, with as much force and frequency as it takes to make sure the message lands. And then their supporters do the right thing – by ditching plans for a title celebration march on Saturday,” said Greechan in the Scottish Daily Mail [May 12, page 82].

“We’ve all come so far. Sacrificed so much. Missed out on moments that we’ll never get back. The last thing we want is to give anyone in authority an excuse to start backtracking on freedoms gained.

“Inviting unspecified numbers to walk from Ibrox to George Squad is an utterly irresponsible move by the fans’ group in question.”

Greechan also called on Rangers to do more to stop fans doing that as he added: “As a club, Rangers have a duty to do more than just issue some dry-as-dust statement politely reminding supporters to obey the law of the land.”

He’s not wrong

We’re not afraid to say this but Greechan is right.

If the Green Brigade was planning something similar, we wouldn’t be happy about it.

Yes, we all celebrated the title win in March and a lot of fans took to the streets of Glasgow and to Ibrox to revel in the success of being 55-times Scottish champions.

But we cannot act as though we wouldn’t have been angry at Celtic fans if they had done the same thing and, in fact, they did.

Celtic fans have regularly taken to Parkhead, for differing reasons, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve also seen it south of the border in England with Liverpool, Leeds and West Brom fans celebrating successes at the end of last season.

It shouldn’t really be happening and while clubs have no ultimate control over what fans do beyond their property, Rangers can at least put out something a bit more to cover their own backs.

We don’t want the club to get in trouble so we agree with Greechan on that point especially. Whether it’s through gritted teeth or not, the Gers need to put out a few statements that silences critics and keeps the authorities off their backs.

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