By Nick Ware

5th May, 2021 | 7:08am

Rangers Super Fans back club's Ibrox ban on Andy Walker

Our panel of Rangers Super Fans have backed the club’s decision to ban Andy Walker from Ibrox after a number of disparaging comments.

Ex-Celtic striker Walker was absent from his usual Sky Sports commentary role in Sunday’s Old Firm, with the Heart and Hand Podcast claiming on Twitter that it was due to comments he made about Rangers’ financial situation.

The Scottish Sun followed this up with a report claiming he also angered the club with comments about the European Super League and how it would be hypercritical of the Old Firm to disregard it.

But the Ibrox suspension has shocked Walker who has sought legal advice to battle the ban.

We shared the story of Walker seeking legal advice to our panel of Super Fans on our Facebook page Rangers Insider and here is what they had to say:

It’s pretty unanimous from our Super Fans – they’re glad to see the back of Walker, and don’t want to see him back.

They want to see pundits held accountable for their words and forced to properly research and substantiate their claims in the future.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

It’s all too easy for pundits to sit there and reel off soundbites and disparaging comments, but they need to ensure there’s at least an element of truth to them that can be backed up.

Walker has been testing the waters for some time and it looks like the club have finally had enough.

Furthermore, even his old side Celtic have banned him from their stadium so there’s obviously a collective thought that he is trying to damage clubs with his remarks.

We now await the outcome of Walker’s legal discussions, but surely Rangers aren’t going to be forced into a public climb down now.

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