By Nick Ware

23rd Apr, 2021 | 9:15pm

TalkSPORT pundit slams idea of Rangers Colts in Scottish Premiership

Rangers leaving the Scottish Premiership and putting their Colts side in would make a mockery of the competition, according to talkSPORT’s Ade Oladipo.

The Sun reported on Thursday that a British Super League was in the works with Rangers and Celtic desperate to join.

It’s a move that would cause shockwaves around England and Scotland, though a Gers fan rang up talkSPORT’s Kick off with Huge Woozencroft [19:00, 22/04/21] to profess support for it.

“Rangers and Celtic are too big a club for the English Football League, our ideal position would be the Premier League,” he said.

“But we would start at the bottom of the pyramid and the Rangers Colts would play in the Scottish league [Premiership] because the Rangers fans follow the reserves and get crowds of 10,000-15,000 just for a reserve match.”

Oladipo took umbrage with this proposal and accused the Light Blues supporter of disregarding other Scottish sides.

He said: “Why would it be acceptable for Rangers and Celtic to play Under-21s in the Scottish leagues?

“If I’m St Johnstone and Hibernian I’d be livid, I’d be livid that you’re playing the Under-21s and Under-23s against us, it’s almost disrespectful.”

Hugely contentious call

Removing our senior side from the Premiership and replacing them with our young stars would be an extremely unpopular decision and could lead to uproar in Scotland.

Leaving for England would be one thing, but keeping one foot in Scotland would rightly be seen as showing utter contempt for those we’re leaving behind.

Of course, our reserve and youth teams are well supported and we don’t doubt that we could out-support most, if not all other sides, but we’d be leaving ourselves open for a real rollicking by those that remain, and for good reason.

The idea of Old Firm Colts sides in the Scottish league system is an idea that has been mooted for some time, with SunSport reporting as recently as February that both clubs were lining up £1.5million offers to make the dream a reality.

That’s been greeted with derision by many clubs, so just imagine the level of anger should the Colts sides be plying their trade at the top of the tree.

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