By Nick Ware

19th Apr, 2021 | 1:40pm

Ally McCoist refutes idea of Rangers lining up in newly-formed European Super League

Ally McCoist tore into the newly-formed European Super League when asked if he would be happy for Rangers to join.

The ESL was announced on Sunday evening in a move that could completely change the dynamic of European football, with the 12 founding members breaking away to form their own competition.

The members comprise of six English clubs, three Spanish and three Italian, as the richest clubs look to maximise their profits and leave the rest of Europe in the lurch.

Speaking on talkSPORT Breakfast with Laura Woods [06:00, 19/04/21] McCoist was asked by a Celtic fan called Alan whether he would be ‘up for it’ if Rangers were invited to the party.

“I wouldn’t no,” he said.

“I think it goes against all the ethics of proper competition, there’s no pyramid system, no relegation, you don’t have to earn the right to qualify for it.

“I don’t see it all as being an honest and fair competition, I just see it as a money-grabbing exercise for these top clubs, and frankly I find it embarrassing and disgusting actually, particularly at this time when we’re all challenged by Covid.

“I couldn’t tell you how much I’m against it.”

Happy as we are

McCoist is saying what most of us are thinking, surely don’t want to be a part of that nonsense and be on the wrong side of history.

These dozen clubs will forever be known as the ones who tried to suck the joy out of football and exploit all of those below them on the money ladder.

It seems to be a who’s who of the financial juggernauts so we don’t think we’re likely to get invited any time soon, but nor do we want to be.

The chance to break away from UEFA is perhaps the biggest enticement given our recent issues with the governing body.

But we’re with Ally here, it’s all about money and nothing more. If it was about that for us we’d be pushing for the much-vaunted move down south to play in the Premier League.

That’s not what it’s about though, and we’re happy to be on the outside looking in.

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