Rangers fans will be loving the latest update to the search for a new manager at Celtic.

And talkSPORT pundit Jamie O’Hara has taken a huge swipe at the club, suggesting that Eddie Howe went up there, took one look at how the club was being run and said ‘no thanks’.

Alan Brazil started the segment on the Breakfast Show (talkSPORT, Thursday, 9.30am) by saying, “I’m not enjoying this one.

“It looked as if Eddie Howe was set to be the next Celtic boss, I was told a couple of weeks ago that he was in a Glasgow hotel and then all of sudden his price goes whoosh and he’s favourite.

“But, the Hoops have been made to sweat with his agent saying a deal is still way off. A spokesman told Sky Sports that his plan is not to return to management until the summer at the earliest. Jamie, what do you make of that?”

Jamie O’Hara said, “It’s a strange one.

“He’s obviously gone up there, he’s been speaking to them… so he’s gone up there, you probably know more than me about how that club is run Al, maybe he’s gone up there and thought, ‘It’s not for me’.

Brazil replied saying, “We don’t know how much he’s got to spend, we don’t know what’s been said in that meeting.”


Who can blame Eddie Howe?

Celtic is the very definition of a poisoned chalice at the moment.

Expectations are sky-high and only winning the Premiership will be seen as a success.

But that involves not only reigning in Rangers, who have been a mountain ahead of Celtic this season, but dealing with likely exits and rebuilding a squad in the summer.

It certainly doesn’t sound like Howe was particularly impressed with what he’s been told in his meeting with Celtic.

And if he pulls out then the search for a new Celtic manager will continue and likely have to start scaling down in terms of name.

That’s more great news for Rangers and the fans who will be looking to defend the Premiership and qualify straight for the Group Stage of the Champions League next season.

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