Valencia president Anil Murthy has said that mic-ing players up would be an ‘extreme’ solution after racist abuse incidents involving Rangers and Valencia players.

Murthy come out and strongly defended his player Mouctar Diakhaby after he accused Cadiz’s Juan Cala of racially abusing him.

The Valencia players left the pitch for 20 minutes after the incident.

There are obvious similarities with the Glen Kamara incident after the Rangers player accused Ondřej Kúdela of racially abusing him in the game against Slavia Prague.

Kamara said afterwards that he wishes he had walked off the pitch.

Murthy was on the Jim White Show on Wednesday (talkSPORT, 11am) when the host mentioned the Kamara incident and said that players should be mic’d up to avoid it happening again.

Murthy said that was an “extreme approach” and said there were more common-sense measures that could be used.

“Mic’ing up the players, look at what’s going on,” White said.

“You’ll be aware of the incident with Slavia Prague’s Kudela and the alleged racist comment to Glen Kamara of Rangers, that happened in Ibrox a few weeks ago. Now one of your own, Mouctar Diakhaby, has allegedly been abused by Juan Cala of Cadiz.

“Is this not a logical suggestion? Mic them up, a tiny microphone in the corner of their shirts?”

“It’s a suggestion,” Murthy said. “Let’s take practical steps to address the issue in hand.

“A very common-sense approach would be, as everyone agrees, something happened, it’s not normal. What’s the referee to do, what’s in his power?

“A common-sense approach says let’s suspend the game, let’s investigate.

“Let’s mic them up if we have to but that’s an extreme approach. Let’s take a common-sense approach, suspend the game and investigate it. That’s enough to send a message that we’re taking it seriously.”

Murthy should be applauded

Murthy made a big statement, similar to the one Steven Gerrard made after the Europa League game, and he should be applauded for that.

The fact he’s coming on shows like talkSPORT to talk about it is helping keep the message out there.

Both changes mentioned above are extreme examples and we like both of them.

Games shouldn’t carry on after cases of the worst type of racist abuse – certainly not with the offender still on the pitch.

But we have the technology to mic up all the players and stamp this out for good.

Small mics would pick up any comments that are made and you can certainly bet that no player would do what Kudela did and try to obscure his mouth to say something if he knew the world would be listening.

The recordings could be made public after the allegation to set the record straight.

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