Alan Rough has accused the agent of Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara of potentially trying to bully UEFA into making a decision in the case against Ondrej Kudela.

Aamer Anwar released a statement on Tuesday, slamming the governing body for their token gesture of a provisional one-match ban for the Slavia Praha defender.

Rough admitted that it should Kudela be found guilty of racially abusing Kamara, he should be handed at least a one-year suspension.


Speaking on PLZ Soccer’s The Football Show on Wednesday, Rough suggested that although the statement was rash, he does agree with parts.

“UEFA are not going to be bullied by anyone,” he said.

“They are going to do what they do, they all wait a while for things to calm down a little, then they will have a committee meeting and then they decide.

“I’m sure if he’s found guilty, he’s going to get more than one game, he’s going to get possibly a whole year.”


Fine line.

There is a fine line between attempted bullying and crying out for justice, and Anwar will be as angry as anyone when seeking the suitable justice that Kamara deserves.

Kudela’s one-match provisional suspension is a joke, especially given the fact that he was already ruled out of the game against Arsenal in the Europa League on Thursday.

To potentially suggest that this was an attempt of pressuring and bullying is a joke, and Rough is starting to get worst with his verdicts as each day passes on PLZ.

He did agree that a one-year suspension is possible, and if Kudela is found guilty, that should definitely be the minimum he deserves.

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