Slavia Prague president Jaroslav Tvrdik clearly isn’t happy with UEFA’s decision to ban Ondrej Kudela for insulting Rangers’ Glen Kamara. 

UEFA continue to investigate claims made by Rangers and Slavia Prague after last month’s controversial Europa League clash at Ibrox.

Allegations of racism and assault are yet to be proved but in the meantime, UEFA have punished Kudela for insulting Kamara during the game and Tvrdik is clearly not happy with the move.

Slavia released a statement following the decision and there was a raft of replies from aggrieved Slavia fans on Twitter.

One such tweet, from the account @SiSlavia, said, “So “we know nothing, but we punish as a precaution.” Quite logically, right?”

A clown emoji followed the tweet and the message was retweeted by Tvrdik’s Twitter account which suggests he agrees with this sentiment.


Clearly, the feeling around the accusations from a Slavia point of view have not changed but Tvrdik is missing the obvious here.

Slavia admitted that Kudela insulted Kamara in an earlier statement and that’s what Kudela has been banned for.

He doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

The constant denials from Slavia are just embarrassing at this point as it seems like they can’t remember what they’ve already admitted to.

Kudela could face a 10-game ban if he is found guilty of racially abusing Kamara and we dread to think how Slavia’s president will react if this punishment is dished out.

The Slavia man was going to miss his side’s next European game with an injury anyway so this one-game ban really isn’t a big deal for the Czech side.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for UEFA to finish their investigation.

In other Rangers news, Michael Stewart has branded the decision to give Kudela a one-game ban as ‘ridiculous’. 


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