BBC Sportscene pundit Michael Stewart has blasted UEFA for handing Ondrej Kudela a one-game ban after accusations from Rangers. 

Glen Kamara and Rangers accused Kudela of racially abusing the Gers man and UEFA have today (Tuesday) provisionally suspended Kudela for one game.

This could potentially be extended to a 10-game ban if the accusation is proved but Stewart doesn’t think that potential punishment is strong enough.


Stewart took to Twitter to voice his displeasure at the ban and he said that if Kudela is found guilty then a 10 game ban isn’t strong enough.

He said, “A potential 10 game ban for racism simply isn’t good enough and if UEFA are genuinely trying to stamp out racism then they must be much stronger, while a one-game ban for insulting an opponent is just ridiculous.”

Stewart was blasted by Rangers fans after he made some badly timed comments about the alleged racial incident on the night of the now fateful Europa League clash.

This story is ongoing and UEFA are still investigating the matter.

However, it is odd that Kudela has been banned for one game while the governing body continues to investigate claims from both sides.

We agree with Stewart about the 10 game ban though, if Kudela is found guilty then this isn’t a strong enough punishment.

There needs to be a major clamp down on racism and a ban simply isn’t good enough.

We will have to see what UEFA do in the coming weeks and they are yet to condemn any alleged racism from Slavia and their players.

Kudela’s ban could be simply for insulting Kamara which isn’t really what we’re bothered about.

If it was a racist comment then a stronger punishment must be issued.

We didn’t think we’d be finding ourselves agreeing with Stewart any time soon, we are living in strange times.

In other Rangers news, Ian Durrant was blown away by the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the Bears squad after the crushing victory against Cove


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