Aamer Anwar has released a significant new statement on behalf of Rangers star Glen Kamara following UEFA’s announcement today.

The statement reads: “Ondřej Kúdela has been provisionally suspended for one match, as UEFA begins disciplinary proceedings against him after he was accused of racially abusing Rangers player Glen Kamara.

“I understand that Police Scotland have a sufficiency of evidence to proceed with charges against Kudela without the need to speak to him.

“Whilst UEFA have carried out an initial investigation which makes damning reading about Kudela’s conduct. This initial one-match ban does little to instil confidence in UEFA being serious about stamping out racism in football and they must take robust action going forward. The defence put forward by Slavia Prague can only be described as incredible or fantasy.

“A one-match ban will make no difference whatsoever to Kudela or Slavia Prague, who were already claiming he was too ill to travel to Arsenal. A one-game suspension smacks of ‘tokenism’ and gives little confidence to black players who face such vile abuse. The overwhelming evidence against Kudela means UEFA must take immediate action to punish him robustly for the crime he is accused of.”

Not good enough

This isn’t the statement that a client of a racially abused footballer should have to be putting out.

In criminal cases, the victim is taken into account if the defence puts him through extra distress, and if Kudela is found guilty, the actions of Slavia Prague should incur extra punishment for club and player.

This isn’t going away and UEFA will know that their findings will be scrutinised the world over.

Whether they really care about stamping out racism or not will be laid bare for the football world to see and we imagine that if it doesn’t go with Kamara that there will be a big outcry.

If Police Scotland have enough to charge Kudela without speaking to him again, why can’t UEFA do the same? A one-match ban for a game that he wasn’t going to play anyway seems neither here nor there.

With the Euros coming up, banning Kudela from taking part while the investigation is ongoing would seem like the minimum that should happen.

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