Slavia Praha have failed to shower themselves in glory in the wake of the Rangers clash on Thursday evening at Ibrox.

Glen Kamara has accused Ondřej Kúdela of racial abuse, with the Bears strongly and rightly defending the midfielder in the wake of the controversy.

If that wasn’t bad enough, fans of the Czech club decided to create a banner aiming awful abuse at Kamara after he spoke out.


Slavia have once again released another statement on Saturday afternoon, this time in defence of Kamara after this vile attack.

The Athletic journalist Jordan Campbell shared the statement on his personal Twitter account, although the damage has already been done.

“The club is absolutely disgusted by the racist photograph published online by a group of alleged fans on Friday night,” they wrote.

“We condemn this act as totally unacceptable, and distance ourselves from it. It is an unprecedented backstabbing of the club and its ideal.”

This simply isn’t good enough.

How many times are Slavia Praha going to be allowed to get away with things such as this with small fines and little warnings here and there from UEFA?

This isn’t about the football anymore, but simply an innocent man being attacked for speaking out and trying to make a change with his stance.

Slavia may track down these fans and hand them bans, but what about Kudela? The player who started all of this appears to have been giving a pass by his club, and that is a major problem.

There is no place for this anywhere, and Kamara is now being victimised which cannot be allowed to happen – UEFA needs to stamp down on this with their harshest punishment.

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