By James Wood

20th Mar, 2021 | 9:53am

Sutton says Celtic are wrong not to give Rangers guard of honour

Chris Sutton says his former club Celtic are wrong not to give Rangers a guard of honour in the Old Firm derby tomorrow at Parkhead.

The 48-year-old feels Scott Brown and his side are showing themselves up in not respecting the tradition. Rangers failed to do so for Celtic, so many see this gesture as returning the favour.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Sutton claimed the Gers were ‘pathetic’ not to clap Celtic out and he’s disappointed in his side for their decision.

“Let’s be honest, the whole thing is a trivial sideshow but just because Rangers were so petty and pathetic not to do it last time when Celtic faced them as champions, it doesn’t mean my old club had to be the same,” Said Sutton.

“Rise above it, have a bit of class and then park it to one side and focus on salvaging some kind of price from a wretched season.

But it’s a chance gone. It’s tit for tat and it’s all a bit sad really.”

Don’t lose focus

As if it wasn’t a big enough game, the Old Firm has become a hugely significant afternoon for Rangers this Sunday.

With the result on Thursday, the pressure is in a way, back on the Gers. Out of Europe, two red cards, no goals scored. Focusing solely on football terms, it wasn’t a good evening. We have to avoid meltdown this weekend and retain our undefeated status in the league.

Being champions should never be enough, there should always be a next target to spur you on. It’s why Gerrard is an excellent coach, he’s a born winner and is never satisfied by success. He always wants more.

Forget the guard of honour, that’s not important. We deserve to go the league season without suffering defeat. Let’s respond to a difficult few days like proper champions and give this lot a hiding on their own turf.

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