Michael Stewart has continued his tirade against Rangers by criticising Steven Gerrard for his half-time actions against Livingston.

The Gers boss was sent off for his verbal outburst to referee John Beaton, and Stewart believes he crossed a line.

He was also left confused by Gerrard’s comments post-match, suggesting that Gerrard’s perspective on the matter was unreasonable.


“I honestly do not think that is a situation where you can castigate the officials,” Stewart told BBC Sportsound.

“When you watch it from a couple of angles it genuinely looks like a dive, but when you see the low, behind angle you see Morelos’ ankle was caught by Stryjek.

“I really don’t think that was good. I don’t think it was justified to go after the officials like that.

“Also, I don’t quite understand the comment about ‘I can understand one official getting it wrong but not all three’.

“I’m not having that. To me, that’s a bit of an illogical statement because to say you can’t accept all three getting it wrong is to say you can’t accept an incorrect decision ever from the officials.

“I just felt he could’ve held back a bit.”


Personal tirade

There are few pundits who hold such a grudge against us like Stewart.

He calls Stevie G ‘illogical’ but his own comments are littered with inconsistencies, which is just laughable.

The BBC pundit defends Beaton and his assistant by suggesting Alfredo Morelos looked like he dived.

Yet in the next breath he acknowledges contact was made on the striker, so surely he can understand Gerrard’s fury?

Gerrard may have overstepped the line with his words but to call him illogical is simply foolish.

Of course Gerrard should question why the linesman was unable to help Beaton out – that is his job and he too should have saw that Morelos did not dive.

It seems like Stewart is being deliberately obtuse at times.

That decision could have cost us our unbeaten run and with the title on the horizon every refereeing mistake is critical.

We would not expect Stewart to understand that though given he never won the Scottish Premiership.

In other Rangers news, Robbie Savage has made a big claim about the club’s future once we confirm title 55.


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