Kris Boyd has called on the SFA to make two key changes to Scottish football after Rangers were denied a penalty against Livingston.

He argues the absence of VAR means the SFA are limiting the referees, stating the officials needed help to reach the right decision on the Alfredo Morelos penalty incident.

The Sky Sports pundit also suggests officials should speak to the media after the match to clear up big situations.


“I could see on the Sky monitors within ten seconds of the Morelos incident that it was a penalty,” Boyd wrote in his Scottish Sun column.

“So why are we putting our refs at a disadvantage when there are tools there that can help them? It makes no sense.

“It’s also now time for refs to come out and explain their decisions, because sitting in silence is not good enough in 2021.

“There will be people at the SFA who will say that only leads to negative headlines because their words could be misconstrued.

“But that’s just nonsense — and they know it.”


Time for change?

It is a little worrying that John Beaton and his assistants were unable to spot the contact on Morelos.

Gerrard’s reaction may have been overblown but it was born out of a natural frustration.

It is also a little wrong that only Stevie G had to come out and explain himself after the match.

Despite Boyd’s calls, we do not think anything will change.

The fact that Gerrard apologised to Beaton but received nothing in return says a lot about the attitude of referees.

Both were in the wrong yet only Gerrard acknowledged that so it is unlikely a ref will hold his hands up and admit a mistake post-match.

VAR is also a touchy subject.

It would have probably given us a penalty on Wednesday but there are several problems with it that have been evidenced in England and across Europe.

Instead, the referees must try to improve and work together – the linesman let down Beaton in the Livingston match.

In other Rangers news, Chris Sutton and Ally McCoist have clashed once again when discussing a key event in the Livingston game.


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