Chris Sutton has refused to relent in his character assassination of Alfredo Morelos after waging further war over his booking for diving in Rangers v Livingston.

The 24-year-old was given a yellow card by referee John Beaton for an apparent dive in the first half of the Gers’ 1-0 win at Livingston on Wednesday, leading to a furious reaction from Steven Gerrard that saw the Light Blues boss given his marching orders.


Speaking on BT Sport Scottish Football Extra [18:30, 05/03/21] Sutton agreed that a penalty should have been awarded but claimed Morelos’ previous actions make him culpable in the eyes of the officials.

He said: “The issue Morelos has is he’s the boy who cried wolf.

“It was a penalty yeah, but the thing is Morelos only has himself to blame because he throws himself to the floor so much eventually it’s going to come around and bite him on the backside, that’s what happens.”


Gers icon Ally McCoist hit back at his fellow pundit, saying: “How can Morelos only have himself to blame when the referee doesn’t spot a penalty kick from five yards, how is that Morelos’ fault.”

Sutton replied: “Because the seed is there in the referee’s head, Morelos simulates and goes down too easily so the referees are always looking for it.

When McCoist was pressed into admitting the Colombian striker had previously dived, Sutton mocked: “Thank you your honour, guilty.

“John Beaton got this one wrong but Alfredo Morelos has dived so much everybody knows it.”


Senseless remarks

When will Sutton learn the error of his ways?

Does he even care that he makes no sense these days?

How he is allowed to comment further on Gers matters is beyond us.

The agenda is clear and it shows no signs of letting up as Sutton continues to spout meaningless drivel to take up the airwaves.

McCoist was willing to accept Morelos had dived before but as he quite rightly put it, what right does that give referees to go against him in the future?

Officials should be judging the game on its individual merits and not recounting previous examples of unsporting behaviour.

Because that actually lends itself to unsporting behaviour of its own accord.

Beaton made a big mistake v Livingston, everyone knows that. Even Sutton. And he has had his yellow card rescinded.

This should be used as an opportunity to reflect and ensure the standards of officiating go up in the country, not as another way of castigating Morelos.

In other Rangers news, Steve Davis reacts to reports of his impending departure.


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