Slavia Prague boss Jindrich Trpisovsky was furious with his side’s defensive work at the weekend which will have Rangers licking their lips ahead of their Europa League clash. 

The Czech first division leaders found themselves 2-1 down to Slovacko at half time of Sunday’s game between the two sides and it is fair to say Trpisovsky was not happy.

He was so furious with his side’s defensive work that he kicked a hole in the door of the changing room.

A member of staff at Slavia, Michal Býček, tweeted the bizarre image as well as explaining what occurred during what must’ve been a fairly tense team talk.

His translated tweet reads, “The coach’s three-point half-time kick.

“Sometimes it is necessary to raise the voice and when it comes out in the end in such an important and difficult match, it is even nicer. Of course, we apologised to the hosts.”

It seems that all is not well in the Slavia camp with our clash against the Czech side fast approaching.


Slavia did go on to win the game 3-2 so that team talk must’ve sparked the performance Trpisovsky was after.

That being said, with the manager so enraged at his side’s defending that he felt it necessary to put a hole through a door, this can only be good news for Rangers.

If their defending was so bad that the manager took his anger out on an inanimate object, then Alfredo Morelos and Co. could have a field day.

It also suggests that Slavia may not have the same positive atmosphere that is engulfing Rangers as we approach 55.

Surely the last thing you want as a player is for the manager to start raving at half time before taking his anger out on a door.

We wonder what Trpisovsky may do if we get a few early goals in the away leg, we hope the Rangers players stay far away from the home dressing room if that happens.

In other Rangers news, a club boss reckons this Gers ace is one of the top ten players in the world. 


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