Former Romanian footballer Ianis Zicu has named Rangers forward Ianis Hagi as one of the top 10 players in the world for his age. 

Hagi, son of Romania legend Gheorghe Hagi, is not short of admirers in his home country with former players always quick to praise the son of the man they call ‘King’.

This time, Zicu, current manager of Romanian side Farul Constanta, firmly believes the younger Hagi is one of the best 22-year-olds in the world.


Zico told GSP.RO, “From my point of view, we have to see in Ianis strictly the qualities he has. He has qualities at a very high level, in vision, in hitting technique, in the way he handles situations on the field.

“We don’t have to wait for Ianis to dribble past four footballers and go alone to the goal or take the ball at full speed. He can’t do these things.

“But what can he do, I think he is in the top ten footballers in the world in the age category he has. What strikes the ball, how to pass, the thinking game.”


Don’t get us wrong, we love Hagi.

But labelling him as one of the best 22-year-olds in the world is maybe an exaggeration.

Is he up there with the world-class Kylian Mbappe and other quality players such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Declan Rice?

This might be a stretch but we know how the Romanian press like to exaggerate the quality of Hagi.

He is in sparkling form at the moment however so it is no surprise to see Romanians gushing over their star boy.

If the attacker pushes on in the back end of this season then maybe Zico’s claim will be more understandable but Hagi does have a nasty habit of going for weeks without looking like the player we are used to seeing.

We saw it earlier this season but if he can put his inconsistency behind him then maybe we can consider him one of the best in the world for his age.

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