By Ben Wild

22nd Feb, 2021 | 7:00pm

Simon Jordan embarasses himself with latest Rangers comments

Simon Jordan has once again proved he knows nothing about Scottish football with his latest comments about Rangers and Steven Gerrard. 

The former Crystal Palace chairman turned TalkSPORT pundit has claimed that Gerrard’s success at Rangers does nothing for Scottish football.

Furthermore, he then claimed the Ibrox boss is in a ‘difficult situation’ and risks being a victim of his own success.

Jordan told TalkSPORT, “I don’t think it [Gerrard’s success] does anything for the league. There was a question about the framework of this which asked: ‘Does it increase the credibility of the league?’

“No, not really as it only has two teams with any real meaningless about them, at this particular time.

“Ultimately, he has to keep that momentum going, anything other than that for Gerrard it’ll be: ‘his team is declining.’

“So he’s in a very difficult situation because he has now moved the Celtic domination out of the way.”

So Gerrard has put himself in a hard position because of his incredible success this season?

What a load of rubbish.

Gerrard has taken this team far beyond what any of us thought was possible over the past few years and he is close to being rewarded with a first trophy as a manager.

There is no way that if we win the league against next year but with fewer points, anyone will be complaining and saying that we’re in a decline.

Also, let’s not get carried away. The title is won but not confirmed and there is a lot of football still to play this season.

We could go unbeaten in the league. Was Jordan spouting this nonsense when Brendan Rodgers went unbeaten with Celtic?

Of course he wasn’t. While we don’t accuse Jordan of being biased in any way as he has made snide remarks against Celtic in the past, his latest comments just show he knows nothing about football north of the border.

Success is success. We will continue to be successful under Gerrard and if we manage to win the league but get defeated along the way, who really cares?

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