Major new details emerge from alleged Covid breach as Rangers stay silent – report

There’s still been no official word from Rangers beyond the statement that said the club was investigating, but some new details have emerged about the alleged Covid breach.

They’re from a reliable source, too.

Mark Dingwall from the Follow Follow forum has solid contacts in and around the club, and he has claimed that five Rangers players are involved in the incident.

That’s up from the four that had been reported by The Athletic, who named Nathan Patterson and Calvin Bassey as two of the players involved in the Covid breach.

We’re expecting to hear more from Rangers this week but in the meantime, Dingwall put a post on the Rangers forum on Tuesday saying, “‘The Five’ have all tested negative for COVID.”

He then added the word “Ronseal’ to the post.

In a further response in the thread, Dingwall said, “I imagine they [players involved] will isolate for ten days and meanwhile be subject to various disciplinary procedures.”

One bit of good news among the terrible

It’s not good news that even more players might be involved than initially thought.

However, it is very good news that they’ve tested negative. That’s down to luck more than anything else and doesn’t excuse their behaviour or mean the sanctions will be any lighter.

However, it does mean that the very worst repercussions for Scottish football and for Rangers won’t be realised.

Dingwall thinks the five will isolate anyway and that is a given.

We think the sanctions will be harsh and will see all the players involved sidelined for the rest of the season.

That’s assuming the facts come out as presented in the Athletic report, that the players went to a house party.

The fact that there’s been no official confirmation yet from Rangers makes us believe there could be more to come out about this story.

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