Gerrard interview gives big clue as to how he will deal with Covid controversy

Steven Gerrard has spoken about the importance of man-management and how he uses it to get the best out of the Rangers squad.

He recognises that aspect of his job as vitally important and gave an interesting insight into who he has learned from during his career as a player.

Gerrard is quite a pragmatic manager.

His stance on not having one preferred style of play demonstrates that, as does his approach to dealing with his players.

The Gers boss is clearly doing the right things, too, as the players still like playing for him – he is also capable of getting a reaction from the squad following a disappointing result.

We saw that with the win at the weekend after drawing to Hamilton the week prior.

Appearing on The Robbie Fowler Podcast, he said (38:03), “[It’s] Massive. For me, man-management is not just being nice to a player all the time and giving them hugs and telling them they’re great and blowing smoke.

“That’s not what man-management is about for me it’s about being honest and building that relationship and having that respect.

“Knowing when to provoke a player and when to put an arm round him because they’re all human. They’re all different and have a different role to play.

“As a manager, it’s about getting to know them players, what makes them tick, what provokes them, when they need some love.”

Gerrard has been tested once again this week with the news that four Rangers players have allegedly broken Covid protocol.

Such actions will not sit well with Stevie G, and we saw how he dealt with Jordan Jones and George Edmundson when they broke the rules in November.

Neither has played a minute since and they are now both on loan at Sunderland and Derby respectively.

Gerrard has not decided their long-term future, however, and it will be interesting to see how he deals with the latest batch of rule-breakers.

If he follows the precedent he set they will be banished from his squad.

While he is not afraid to put an arm around players or to show tough love when necessary, he mentions the need for honesty and respect.

Since that was not forthcoming from the players reportedly involved, they will likely be in line for a big punishment.

The fanbase and the rest of the squad likely expect such an outcome and we trust Gerrard will take the right course of action as he did before.

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