Former Rangers man Kyle Lafferty signed for Kilmarnock on Friday and it did not take him long to comment on the title race.

His loyalty shone through in his pre-match thoughts about Sunday’s game, as he revealed that he has not been surprised by Gers’ success this year.

He also used the opportunity to aim a dig at Celtic and poked fun at their fall from grace.

As reported by PLZ Soccer, he said, “I am not shocked how well they (Rangers) have done.

“When I was there you could see that they were a team that was going to go on to great things and this season has showed it.

“They have been exceptional and they will be champions at the end of this season.

“It hasn’t surprised me and I know that anyone who has been close to the squad it probably hasn’t surprised them.

“But what has probably made it even more exciting is how Celtic have crumbled.

“They have actually crumbled to be honest and I think it is an added bonus for Rangers and their fans that they are so far in front.

“It shows that they are the best team in Scotland.”


Gerrard’s project

Undoing Celtic’s dominance has taken time and a considerable effort but we will finally win the league this season.

Steven Gerrard will complete a major goal in doing so but it seems he will not stop there.

Since he came in we have been slowly building to this point and Lafferty’s comments show we have always been progressing under Stevie G.

He experienced it first-hand in Gerrard’s first season in charge, and last year we challenged Celtic before falling away in the latter half of the season.

Since then we have progressed further with a particular focus on improving the quality of the defence.

A return of eight goals conceded in 28 games shows how effective we have been.

It will be intriguing to see how far we can go under Gerrard – progressing in the Champions League would be brilliant.

Lafferty’s remark also shows the players can see what Gerrard is trying to do, and that may hold a key appeal when attracting players to the club.

Hopefully, we can persuade players to join the Gers project in the summer and continue progressing under Gerrard.

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