Dave King made it clear that he wants to sell his Rangers shares to fan group Club 1872 last week. 

That will mean Club 1872 raising around £13m over the next three years.

But what happens if Club 1872 can’t buy all the shares in that time period? King moved to reassure fans on the 4 Lads Had a Dream podcast.

“The starting point is that one can look at myself and Club 1872 as a combined supporter group,” King said.

“As this campaign progresses [my shares] will gradually move over to 1872 and at the end of the three years it will ideally be all Club 1872 and none me.

“If it ends up being a third/two thirds or half/half then that’s fine, I still see it as a combined group of supporters with the measure of influence for Club 1872 increasing the more shares they buy off me.”

King was asked if it doesn’t work out, would he sell to someone else?

“No, my consideration is how can I take my share holding and ensure that if I wasn’t around it would end up in safe hands and in my view those safe hands are Rangers supporters.

“I see that as right for the club moving forward.

“If for whatever reason we couldn’t do the deal after the three years then I would keep it open for Club 1872.”


Club 1872 the best place for King’s shares

King has come under fire from some quarters for selling his shares rather than gifting them to the club or to Club 1872.

That seems a rather odd take and one that we certainly don’t hold with.

There have also been rumours that the Rangers board are unhappy with King’s plan but he said on the podcast that there were no issues between him and the board.

The very best place for his shares is with Club 1872, we have no doubt about that.

It’s a huge sum of money for them to raise but they’re confident that they can do it in the allotted time, selling £500 ‘legacy’ memberships.

The good news is that the window of opportunity looks bigger than the initial three years and that King isn’t going to sell his shares to anyone else.

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