Journalist Bill Leckie has labelled Celtic a “basket case, on and off the pitch” and said they are “drowning in a sea of mistakes” from manager and players, while Rangers are racking up the results.

He also criticised the Celtic fans saying the team was being “overwhelmed by a cacophony of abuse from legions of fans who believe they DESERVE better.”

Leckie was writing in the Scottish Sun as the balance of power has shifted dramatically at the top of the Premiership.

He said that Celtic are imploding because of the pressure around winning their mythical 10-in-a-row. Despite not really winning their ninth.

Leckie’s view on Rangers makes for great reading.

“All the while, Steven Gerrard leads Rangers from game to game preaching that same humility Celtic have lost sight of, picking horses for courses and churning out result after result.’

“21 games in, his stats are way better than those of Brendan Rodgers in 2016-17, the debut season that created those domestic Invincibles.

“By now, Rodgers and Celtic had won 14, drawn three and lost four, scored 52 and conceded 26.

“Gerrard and Rangers have won 18, drawn three, lost none, have scored 64 and shipped just seven.”

Confidence is sky-high at the moment among Rangers fans, rightly so given the start to the season, but you won’t find anyone in blue getting carried away or shouting it from the rooftops.

Gerrard is doing things the right way, saying that Rangers are going to take the game to Benfica and go “foot to the floor” on Thursday.

Each domestic opponent is treated with respect – everyone remembers what happened last season and no one wants a repeat.

But Leckie makes a great point. Even if Celtic weren’t imploding, the results that Rangers have got would be good enough for us to top the table.

But seeing what’s happening at Celtic is flooding the Gers side with even more confidence.

The side knows it can score goals now. The players know if they concentrate and play well, they shouldn’t slip up in the Premiership.

Beating Aberdeen 4-0 was a huge statement to pundits who said it would be the team’s toughest test of the season. They passed it with flying colours.

There’s a long way to go. And even beyond this season, it’s then all about the Champions League.

But Gerrard is repaying the fans who always had faith in him, even through the bleak times last season.

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