By Jason Jones

5th Aug, 2020 | 10:34am

'Are you winding me up?' - O'Hara responds to claim that Rangers are in global top 10 to manage

Jamie O’Hara has clashed with a Rangers fan over the suggestion that the Gers are one of the top 10 teams in the world to manage. 

The former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder made waves earlier this week when he argued that Ibrox boss Steven Gerrard would be taking on a bigger job if he were to leave Glasgow to make the move to Bournemouth to replace the recently departed Eddie Howe.

And O’Hara doubled down on his claims that the Gers are not one of the biggest clubs in world football when speaking to a supporter on talkSPORT on Tuesday evening.

When addressing the suggestion that Rangers are one of the 10 most desirable clubs to manage in the world, the pundit said: “Nowhere near it.

“Do you want me to reel 10 off?

“Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Inter Milan, Manchester City, Arsenal, Spurs.

“That’s 10 bigger than Rangers, off the top of my head.”

The caller then argued that the Gers are bigger than Spurs, to which O’Hara responded: “Are you winding me up?

“They were in a Champions League final last season, they finished sixth in the Premier League, they have a £1 billion stadium, a global fanbase.

“If you want to talk about the best teams to manage in the world, Rangers are nowhere near it.”

Are Rangers in the top 10? 

Honestly, probably not.

As fans, we would be inclined to say they are, but if we’re putting bias and loyalty aside, there are probably 10 clubs that a top tier boss would rather manage right now.

That’s not necessarily a reflection on the Gers, but more a reflection on the low perception that outsiders have of Scottish football.

To suggest that Bournemouth are a bigger club is, however, absolutely ludicrous.

The Cherries have never won anything above the Championship, and they’re no longer even a Premier League club.

That’s not to disparage them, or the work that Eddie Howe did prior to his departure, but how can O’Hara sit there with a straight face and say that they are genuinely better than a club who compete in Europe year in, year out – and that’s without all of our historical honours.

O’Hara might have questioned whether this fan was winding him up, but we have to ask – is he winding us up?

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