By Jason Jones

27th Dec, 2019 | 3:34pm

'Astonishing' - These Rangers fans react to 'ridiculous' 'beast' v Killie

Rangers kept pace with Celtic at the top of the Scottish Premiership on Boxing Day with a 1-0 win over Kilmarnock, but for a long time it looked pretty touch and go. 

The Gers battered away at the Killie backline for two thirds of the match to no avail, despite going close on a number of occasions.

When that starts to happen, you can’t help thinking that it could well be one of those days where you watch the lads huff and puff but ultimately get nowhere.

Thankfully, there was one man who came to the rescue, and as usual it was Alfredo Morelos.

El Bufalo now has 28 goals so far this season. Just let that sink in for a second – 28 goals, and it’s not even January.

In fact, as per Bet365, the only players who have scored more this calendar year are Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Robert Lewandowski, and Raheem Sterling.

That’s a ridiculous stat, and the Ibrox faithful don’t need telling twice about just how important Morelos is to this team.

His goal against Killie was a perfect example of that.

Not only was the timing superb, but the movement he displayed was absolutely stunning.

It’s the little drop of the shoulder, the little wander he makes into the defender’s blind side, and all of that coupled, with the speed at which he is able to get his shot away, makes him a nightmare for the opposition.

It’s like trying to catch smoke or herd cats. Morelos goes where he wants, does what the wants, and at the present moment in time, scores when he wants too.

It’s no exaggeration so say that he’s one of the best this club has ever seen.

And after another goalscoring turn on Boxing Day, it’s fair to say that these Gers are absolutely delighted with his efforts…

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