By Callum O'Connell

19th Nov, 2023 | 8:10pm

Rangers v Aberdeen: Gary Keown goes berserk over 'utterly unacceptable' controversy

Gary Keown has raged at the utterly unacceptable allocation of tickets to Aberdeen fans ahead of the Viaplay Cup final against Rangers at Hampden Park.

The Dons were allocated just 17,500 tickets for the final, but many of which were snapped up by Rangers fans as they went on public sale, leaving many season ticket holders without a ticket.

Keown described the mistakes as unfathomable and claimed they could never be repeated, urging the owners to pay more attention to the fans than just through PR exercises.

Keown was writing in his column for the Scottish Mail on Sunday [19 November, pg 97] where he shared: “What has happened with the allocation of Dons tickets for the Viaplay Cup final is just utterly unacceptable.

“That season ticket holders were left without a brief for Hampden after the public sale of their initial 17,500 allocation is nuts. That Rangers supporters were able to buy tickets just makes it even worse.

“The unfathomable mistake made in the past few days cannot be repeated and make one requirement clear about the chairman and chief exec’s evolving regime. A little more process with the PR, please.”

A nightmare situation

There had been plenty of controversy leading up to the allocation of final tickets, with debates raging about a 50/50 split between the fanbases and the number of tickets that would be available for fans on each side to purchase.

That controversy and those debates flared up upon the release more than ever would have been expected, with 17,500 tickets becoming available to any fans, thus leading to Rangers fans purchasing tickets on the Aberdeen side of Hampden in an attempt to get to the game.

Recalling the tickets seems to have just added to the misery, with genuine Aberdeen fans having their tickets recalled due to a lack of recent purchase history with the club, causing yet another mix-up among the fanbase.

It has been a nightmare for the Aberdeen owners, and their attempts to rectify the initial mistake have not seemed to help. They will need to learn from this experience and find a way to compensate fans who have been left hard done by.

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