By Doug Ward

17th Oct, 2023 | 6:40pm

Graeme Souness mooted for director of football job at Rangers after Ibrox offer, 'incredible'

Lee McCulloch doesn’t see Graeme Souness suiting the director of football job at Rangers after the Ibrox legend was mooted for the role by Tam McManus.

Souness helped John Bennett and James Bisgrove in their new manager search, which ended on Sunday (15 October) with Philippe Clement being appointed to succeed Michael Beale in the Ibrox hot seat.

The Sun reported on 15 July how Souness had turned down an “ambassadorial role” at Ibrox but now a bigger role in Govan has been suggested on the PLZ Soccer Football Show on Monday (16 October).

Speaking to host Peter Martin, McManus said: “Director of football, could he do that?”

Broadcaster Martin struggled to answer, seemingly unsure but leaning towards saying no.

McCulloch then said: “I think [he suits] an ambassadorial role.

“I think with director of football, he’s got knowledge, he’s been a manager and a fantastic player. But I just think it’s too modern-day [for him].”

McManus then agreed and admitted it’s a “bigger workload”.

Martin then said: “It’s incredible. I think the advice will be invaluable, especially for a board that doesn’t maybe have the experience of previous Rangers boards in the past.”

McCulloch added: “For Souness to be the director of football, there’s a lot more jobs that a director of football has to do other than recruitment. There’s a whole number of jobs that come under that role so maybe he’ll be an advisor to the board.”

Advisor, yes

Souness has a lot of experience in the game and if Rangers have a shot at being able to use that, they need to use it.

McCulloch, however, is spot on about the 70-year-old’s suitable for the director of football vacancy at Ibrox because he’s not a man who’s well equipped for the modern game – he often derides the way has gone since his last managerial job at Newcastle back in 2006.

Souness is from a bygone era – but that’s not a bad thing.

He’s still sharp and Bennett and Bisgrove will no doubt that loved his involvement in the search to hire Clement as the new manager.

It may well have led to Rangers appointing the manager who next brings home the title to Edmiston Drive.

Souness would be great at continuing his advisory role with Clement, with Bennett, with Bisgrove and with whoever comes in as the next director of football.

In other Rangers news, Chris Sutton has shared the “biggest problem” facing Clement already at Ibrox.