By Callum O'Connell

18th Sep, 2023 | 7:10am

Outrageous Graham Potter to Rangers news emerges after Michael Beale sack update

Keith Jackson has said that it would be an “outrageous act of insubordination” if one of the Rangers backroom staff approached Graham Potter over the job without the go-ahead of chairman John Bennett.

Jackson claimed that there could be three reasons why reports emerged linking Potter to the job: either the story was fabricated, it came from Potter’s side to keep his name relevant, or somebody in the backroom team at Ibrox approached without Bennett’s say-so.

He stated that the chairman’s steadfast backing of Michael Beale could be undermined by the rumours, and even more so if other members of his team are not on board with his supportive stance.

Writing via his column in the Daily Record on 18 September, Jackson shared: “That claim [that Potter had been offered the job] will also have come as a nasty surprise to chairman John Bennett, who has worked so hard to pull his club together into some sort of alignment since taking over from Douglas Park at the head of the Blue Room.

“If Bennett is being undermined by some rogue agent operating inside his own command centre then he should identify the culprit and slap whoever it might be into his place as a matter of great urgency.

“Because while there may be individuals in or around the boardroom who do not share Bennett’s iron-clad belief in Beale, it would be an outrageous act of insubordination if one of them felt emboldened enough to approach Potter without first running it past the man in charge.”

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The club need to be united in their stance

If the chairman wants to stand by the manager that he has backed heavily in the transfer market and given plenty of support to during his time at Ibrox, the entire club should follow suit in the stance that Beale is still the man to lead the club forwards.

If it is true that one member of the team has risen above their station and made contact over a possible replacement, it will not reflect well on the club, as a united stance of support for the manager would be undermined by this story.

Of course, either of the first two options are entirely feasible. It looked like an easy story to write in that an ex-Chelsea boss who is currently out of work would be considered for such a high-profile job at a time when the talking points around Beale were hot.

It may also have been generated by Potter’s camp to assure any other interested parties, perhaps in the Premier League or abroad, that he is still hot property in the managerial game. Either way, Rangers should stand firm behind their chairman in his stance.

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