By Doug Ward

21st May, 2023 | 10:22am

Rangers blasted over 'predictable disaster' as section of fans dubbed 'morons' by Gary Keown

Gary Keown has called a section of Rangers fans “morons” for having an issue with players like Nicolas Raskin seeing the Ibrox club as a stepping stone in their career.

There has been much change at Ibrox in the last few weeks with James Bisgrove becoming the club’s new CEO.

Keown has been impressed by what he’s heard from Bisgrove so far but claims that Rangers need to be more ready to sell on players at their peak value rather than repeating the mistakes that will see Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos leave for nothing.

And with Raskin, who was quoted by the Daily Record on 5 May as saying his long-term goal is to play in the Premier League with Chelsea, Keown sees his goals as being someone that can benefit Rangers as much as everyone else if he meets them.

Writing in the Scottish Mail on Sunday on 21 May (page 109), Keown said: “Ninety per cent of Rangers fans are clever to understand that selling at the top of the market, when players are hot, is where it’s at. Years ago, there would have been an outcry had the likes of Raskin arrived and admitted within weeks that his dream is to move on to play for Chelsea in the EPL.

“Now? That’s fine. Prove it. Lift trophies. Get your big-money move. And everyone wins.

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“The idea that you can’t admit you’re in the market to flog your top men for top-dollar belongs in the Stone Age. The only fans that angers these days are the lowest-common-denominator morons and Rangers have surely spent long enough pandering to them.

“The cases of Kent and Mortelos were incredibly badly handled, as was the whole overall transfer strategy, by the cloth-eared self-congratulationists of the old regime.

“Bisgrove must learn lessons from how their situations have panned out in such predictable disaster or he’s cruising for a bruising. Not potentially. Definitely.”

Spot on

It’s hard to argue with Keown here.

A lot of fans won’t want to admit that Celtic have done it better in recent years but it’s hard to argue against it – because they have.

Celtic have sold players when the time is right and that’s led to them building a squad that’s far superior to the one that Michael Beale now has on his hands.

One Old Firm victory against a team that’s already won the league doesn’t change what’s happened over the last 24 months.

It does show there’s some life in the side yet but in order to reclaim the title next season, a lot of players need to go and a lot of quality players need to be brought in.

It won’t be easy because the old regime ruined the transfer value of this squad and that limits the amount of cash Beale has to spend this summer.

Free transfers, cheap-but-cheerful deals and potentially loans could be his friend this summer but it could take years to undo the damage done by Ross Wilson and co.

In other Rangers news, a Celtic-mad player has tipped the Gers to complete a transfer “coup”.