By Daniel Feliciano

14th Apr, 2023 | 7:31pm

Ally McCoist reacts to Ross Wilson Rangers exit, wants Michael Beale to take responsibility of transfers

Ally McCoist has told Rangers that they don’t need to replace Ross Wilson as director of football and should instead trust Michael Beale to make his own decisions.

Wilson left Ibrox after four years to return to England with Nottingham Forest, leaving Rangers with a predicament ahead of the upcoming summer transfer window.

But reacting to the news while appearing on BT Sport Scottish Football Extra (14 April, 18:44), McCoist said the club need to focus on bringing in new players instead of a new director of football and told the club that Beale should step up and take on the responsibility because it’s his job on the line.

“Do you know something? They need a goalkeeper, a centre half, a left-back and a centre forward more than they need a director of football. That’s what they need,” he said.

“Your argument would be that the director of football would pick that, right?

“Call me old fashioned, I want the manager and his staff to have the final say on the players. Because if they’re going to be judged on results the manager must be able to pick his own players.”

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McCoist was then told about Beale’s recent comments where he revealed he wanted that responsibility and agreed with the stance despite the added pressure it would bring.

“But that’s the way you want it. Surely if you’re the manager or number one coach, you want the responsibility to land at your door.

“You don’t want to say, ‘well we got beat 2-1 but what about that left back we’ve got, I didn’t even sign him.’ That’s nonsense.

“You have to be responsible for your own decisions.”

Spot on

If Rangers want to move forward with Beale as the manager, then they need to back him to make the big decisions or die by them.

If the manager wants to bring in certain players it’s because he has seen something in that player’s profile that he believes can improve the way his team works. Nobody else will have a better idea of that than him.

Scouts and recruitment specialists can be in place to make recommendations and to negotiate, but ultimately it’s Beale who has to have the final say and most importantly be in control.

This summer is going to be absolutely huge for the football club and they have to get the big decisions right. The last thing we want is for someone else to come in and make decisions for Beale that end up being wrong.

If he gets things wrong, then he’ll pay for it with his job. But he deserves the chance to do things his way and get those decisions right.

He’s rarely been wrong yet.

In other Rangers news, the club have made contact with their preferred Ross Wilson replacement according to a report.