By Daniel Feliciano

27th Mar, 2023 | 5:10pm

Richard Keys blasts ex-Rangers man Steven Gerrard after he mocked Celtic fans in legends game

Richard Keys has blasted ex-Rangers boss Steven Gerrard for celebrating in front of Celtic fans during a legends game, despite being abused throughout.

Gerrard turned out for a Liverpool Legends team against Celtic at Anfield and scored a penalty, before footage showed him celebrating and taunting the travelling fans while missiles were thrown from the stands.

But former Sky Sports presenter Keys, writing in his weekly blog (27 March) criticised him for his part in the incident and claimed the fans were entitled to have a go because they paid their money to attend.

“If Gerrard still has ambitions to manage/coach in the PL I really think he should be swerving the legends games – the likes of which we saw at Anfield last weekend,” he wrote.

“Perhaps he’s given up believing that he’s got a coaching career, but if he hasn’t, I firmly believe he’s definitely got to give those games up.

“Either way – he shouldn’t be taunting Celtic fans as he did after scoring.

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“I know it’s hard and I know they’d been on at him all through the game – but he’s a big boy and he knows it’s all part of the gig.

“Those fans had paid their money to charity (the players always get paid btw) and so they had a right to get involved in the occasion.”


What a strange thing for Keys to suggest, even if he is partly right about it.

Gerrard shouldn’t be taunting fans in a legends game, because it’s a bit weird and nobody really cares that much.

But if Celtic fans are taunting him and abusing him for 90 minutes in that game because he used to manager Rangers and stopped them from winning ten in a row, then he has every right to respond.

He didn’t hurt anyone or cause a ruckus, he simply celebrated in front of the stand helping them and they responded by chucking bottles at him.

To somehow suggest Gerrard is at fault because he responded is just weird, and giving Celtic fans an excuse for their behaviour because they paid for entry is very backwards thinking.

Gerrard has Rangers in his heart because so far it’s the only place where he has even remotely succeeded as a manager, so good for him for showing that lot who is boss.

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