By Daniel Feliciano

25th Mar, 2023 | 8:10am

Simon Jordan sends on-air message to SPFL amid fresh off-pitch Rangers speculation

Simon Jordan has told the SPFL to demand extra money from Rangers and Celtic to allow them to compete in the European Super League.

Reports suggest the Old Firm clubs could be invited to take part in the new model that is being proposed as one of up to 80 teams, which would see them increase their wealth even further to separate them from the rest of Scotland.

But when asked if he would get involved if he were an owner of Rangers or Celtic talkSPORT (24 March, 11:11), he was adamant in his answer.

“No,” he said.

“What I would do is say that charity starts at home but if I was the SPFL I would say, ‘i’ll tell you what old sons, you’re not going to disappear into that unless you do something that is beneficial to us as well,’ because it’s not helping the league and it’s not helping the Scottish pyramid for you to get wealthier and richer.

“If you want the dispensation to go and do that without being expelled from the league, we’d want something in return.”

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Not our problem

It’s obviously a very interesting argument for the rest of Scotland to have, but the reality is that they’re not in a position to have an opinion really.

As far as Rangers go, and Celtic for that matter, they should be allowed to take a decision based on what is best for the club and that’s it.

Obviously everyone will have their own interests at heart, but there is no reason at all for the club to be expelled from the domestic league for joining a breakaway European league.

It would have no impact other than helping to secure our own financial future, and it isn’t and shouldn’t be our responsibility to help the other teams in the league be better financially.

It’s bizarre that this is the stance being taken, because the club is the same as everyone else just better at doing their job on and off the pitch. Rangers have to do what is best for the club and the fans, and ignore the rest.