By Pranav Shahaney

18th Mar, 2023 | 10:10am

Sky Sports pundit fumes as Rangers and Celtic away allocation update emerges

Andy Walker has been left fuming at the decision to not allow Rangers and Celtic away fans at Old Firm games, which continues the trend of the past few years.

The two sides are set to face each other twice in the Premiership this season and the Daily Record reported [17 March] that away fans are going to be locked out on both occasions.

The decision was reversed last season when Celtic and Rangers both handed around 800 tickets and that continued for the two games this term, but it’s now reversed yet again.

Discussing this on Go Radio on 17 March, Walker, a Sky Sports pundit, said, “I think it’s pathetic and petty. I think it diminishes Scottish football. We’re trying to sell this great rivalry all around the world and we’re just watering it down.

“I’m not surprised because we’ve seen some poor decision making in Scottish football. I remember going to the game with my dad and my brothers and it was just ‘wow, what is this.

“To actually go some years later and play in it, it’s the best atmosphere I ever played in and I can’t belive we’ve got to the stage where you’re getting absolutely no supporters in the away end.”

Spot on

They cannot keep giving excuses for there being security concerns as they’ve upped the policing budget and there are adequate measures in place.

Things do get out of hand on occasion, but there’s everything to deal with that and the stewards also play their part.

It takes away from the beauty of the matchday experience for fans as it is the fixture they look forward to at the start of the season.

Even for players, if they score an early away goal, they do not feel the benefit of it as there are little to no fans to outvoice the home support.

There needs to be a serious discussion had about this and things must change from game to game as it’s been happening of late.

Fans must be allowed in away ends for all games regardless of the venue and we’re sure both Rangers and Celtic fans will agree.

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