By Doug Ward

14th Nov, 2022 | 7:10am

Latest Rangers conspiracy theory thought up by Celtic fans ridiculed by Gordon Parks

Sunday Mail journalist Gordon Parks has laughed off suggestions of an anti-Celtic conspiracy theory that sees referees try to help Rangers out as much as possible.

Since VAR kicked off in the Scottish Premiership, there have been a handful of controversial incidents in Celtic matches.

Ange Postecoglou’s side has a 100 per cent win rate with VAR in domestic football so far and even saw the new technology go in their favour in the 2-1 win at Motherwell on 9 November.

But if you scroll through social media or listen to the radio phone-ins, you’ll still here cries of conspiracy from the East End of Glasgow.

Parks has laughed off the idea there’s a pro-Rangers stance among the SFA’s referees, suggesting it’s completely ridiculous.

Writing in the Sunday Mail (print edition, 13 November, page 51), Parks said: “The plot to the best conspiracy theories always contain a grain of truth.

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“Weeks into Scottish football’s VAR chapter, there have been world firsts and a hint of farce, which our game does so well.

“It’s why some Celtic supporters will now be emboldened in their belief that dark forces are at play. In many ways they have now got their wish.

“Here’s the plot – a refereeing cabal with its heart in Lanarkshire has been trying to ensure that Rangers have got the best chance of being the dominant Old Firm force by loading decisions their way.

“Don’t laugh but having the latest scene of the crime occurring in Motherwell will be an ironic smoking gun to some fans.”


It’s fair enough to sit there and just say that the referees in Scotland are rubbish.

There have been some honking decisions over the years and even though these officials now have video technology to help them, it’s absolutely no use when it’s not going to be used correctly.

We’re dead against VAR being introduced mid-season.

It’s a dumb move by the SFA and SPFL and doesn’t represent a level playing field throughout an entire season as some games before it’s introduction would have benefitted from it.

Likewise, some clubs would have done better without VAR after.

Celtic are one of them because if it wasn’t for VAR overturning Kevin Clancy’s decisions for booking Ryan Kent for simulation when he was clearly fouled in the penalty area, they’d be even further ahead in the title race.

David Munro awarded Celtic a dodgy penalty against Ross County on Saturday too.

It’s swings and roundabouts and some fans just cannot accept that so they have to come up with their weird conspiracies to try and explain things.

When in actual fact, referees just make mistakes sometimes.

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