By Joe Ellis

21st Oct, 2022 | 8:10pm

Rangers given substantial fine by UEFA after incident v Liverpool

Rangers have been fined by UEFA for a number of incidents that occurred during their Champions League game against Liverpool, according to Football Scotland.

There were a series of incidents that the European football governing body took offence to with things being thrown from the home end at Ibrox towards the away fans among them.

UEFA also did not like banners displayed by the Rangers ultras for the visit of Jurgen Klopp’s side and have therefore slapped them with a total fine of £35,000.

£8,800 of that fine came from the banners while the thrown missiles added another £3,200 to the pot but the big costs came from the lighting of flares before the game.

That act cost the football club £15,000 while there was an additional £8,800 for the lack of face masks worn by club personnel after the COVID-19 protocols were not followed accordingly.

Pull their heads in

Rangers could do without having to pay substantial fines for actions their fans have done and the ultras, in particular, need to tone things down a notch or two with UEFA hot on their case.

It isn’t a big amount of money right now and the club would probably not realise it has gone but the more it happens, the more cash they will be forced to pay.

All of this chaos and palaver takes away from the action on the pitch and the team really needed their supporters behind them against Liverpool and it quickly fell to pieces when they turned their attention to causing trouble.

With just two Champions League games left to play, the Light Blues supporters just need to all pull their heads in and calm down a bit to prevent any further fines from coming the club’s way.

Fortunately for the wallet of Rangers, no away fans will be able to go to Napoli after the Italian side were prevented any supporters at Ibrox in the reverse fixture.

In other Rangers news, the writing could now be on the wall for this Bears academy graduate after he was snubbed for the League Cup against Dundee.