By Pranav Shahaney

19th Oct, 2022 | 12:10pm

John Hartson left shocked after Daily Record representation of Craig Moore comments on Rangers defender Leon King

John Hartson is shocked by the way the Daily Record misquoted the comments of Craig Moore on Rangers defender Leon King.

While Moore was waxing lyrical over the teenager, the Daily Record ran a tweet which led people to believe that he was accusing his agent of playing dark arts behind the scenes.

Moore issued a quick response and called out the sub-editors of the publication for letting such a thing be posted.

Hartson, who was on the Go Daily Show with Moore, wrote on Twitter, “Well said Craig.. shocking this I was on the show with Craig last night..poor journalism.”

Serves them right

Misquoting someone is just as bad as fabricating a story and we’re glad that Moore and Hartson have both called them out over it.

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The Record have not yet removed that tweet which only goes to show that they do not really care about the misrepresentation of a young player.

Moore clearly did not mean it in the way they’re making it out to be and at least, after being corrected, they must remove the tweet and apologise.

The replies to that tweet clearly show that fans are not buying into the narrative they’re spreading and it’s good to see.

People often get driven by sensationalist headlines that go on to change their mood and opinions about things but they’ve chosen to read and possibly hear the quotes in the context they were meant.

It’s really shameful and good to see Moore getting the support he so rightly deserves.

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