By Doug Ward

25th Sep, 2022 | 8:10am

Gary Keown lashes out at Rangers board for 'offensive PR' as John Bennett and Stewart Robertson come out swinging

Scottish Mail on Sunday journalist Gary Keown has hit out at Rangers vice-chairman and managing director Stewart Robertson for interviews they’ve done in the last week.

Bennett and Robertson have come out to defend the club for a variety of developments, including the lack of spending in the summer transfer window and why they refused to listen to a £75million proposal to buy into Ibrox from US investor Kyle Fox.

Keown believes the two-pronged “PR offensive” from Bennett and Robertson has only created more issues, with fans now struggling to trust the board, especially over the lack of money spent in the summer.

Writing in the Scottish Mail on Sunday print edition (25 September, page 151), Keown said: “This week’s PR offensive – or should that be offensive PR? – doesn’t look to have done him or his board any favours either.

“How could it when you are effectively talking to people as if they are a few Swedish meatballs short of a smorgasbord for thinking that expected Champions League income in the region of £30m before outlays – on top of £20m for Calvin Bassey, £12m for Nathan Patterson, an estimated £10m for Joe Aribo and £4m compo for Steven Gerrard and his gang – might see a player or two signed between beating PSV and the transfer window closing?

“Catchphrases came into it too. Bennett talked about an assumption money ws ‘falling from heaven’. MD Stewart Robertson also resurfaced – briefly, thank God – to correct some who ‘think money has fallen out of the sky’.

“Maybe some headlines some papers did once say Rangers could earn £40m from the Champions League, but it s wrong to build an argument based on that being the general assumption. Robertson says it is closer to £20m, but didn’t clarify whether ticket income was being counted in.”

Keown added: “It is now six days until they go to Tynecastle. All those guys the club did spend millions on over the summer – such as Ridvan Yilmaz, Rabbi Matondo and Ben Davies – probably won’t play and no one will be any the wiser over why.

“If Rangers don’t win, it won’t be just the bar that’s rising. It’ll be the temperature.”

Taking us for fools

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about this board in the last week, it’s that they’ll just spout any old nonsense in order to get angry fans off their backs.

What they did in the summer transfer window was inexcusable.

Robertson can throw figures up as much as he wants and preach about how there’s no money tree at Ibrox.

But that doesn’t shy away from the fact that a lot of money was made on players leaving in the summer, as well as Patterson’s January exit, and there was obviously money made from qualifying for the Champions League.

We know that money doesn’t go into the bank instantly as one bulk payment. It is drip fed.

However, that money is coming so we do not understand why Giovanni van Bronckhorst wasn’t able to sign any new players after reaching the Champions League group stages.

Look at the transformation Celtic have had under Ange Postecoglou.

They weren’t in the Champions League when they started to overhaul their squad.

Why does it feel as though Rangers’ progress has been ground to a halt? Is this is? Is this the best we can hope for now?

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