By Sam Stone

22nd Sep, 2022 | 10:42am

Rangers chief Stewart Robertson is 'frustrated' with current SPFL TV deal

Rangers chief Stewart Robertson is “frustrated” with the SPFL for underselling Scottish football as Premiership clubs look to sign off a new TV deal with Sky until 2029.

A deal worth £30million is on the table and ready to be finalised with Premiership clubs eager to ensure the continuation of the current budget [Daily Mail].

However, Robertson is frustrated with the amount that clubs will receive and highlighted that Swedish side Malmo’s TV deal was double Rangers’.

“The one that really stuck with me was Malmo,” said Robertson [quoted by Rangers Review, 22 September].

“Their TV deal was more than double the Scottish TV deal. You sit with Ajax and Napoli and they are all receiving far more from their TV and sponsorship deals and their league commercial deals as a whole.  

“It put Scottish clubs at a disadvantage when you are playing other European clubs because you know they are all taking bigger sums out of their leagues and TV deals than we can.

“I don’t think we sell it. We just go along and nudge it up a little bit. This is no criticism of Sky who are a good partner for Scottish football.”

Robertson added: “My problem is we haven’t gone and sold it. We haven’t sold it whatsoever. That’s no secret. I’ve been reasonably vocal about it when I was on the SPFL board. James and I made the point when this new deal was presented to the clubs.”

Damning revelation

The fact that Swedish football is able to generate a better TV deal that the SPFL should be a wake-up call to all the Premiership clubs. Scotland has arguably the biggest rivalry in the whole of sport and they are receiving significantly less than a minor European league.

The reality is until something changes, Scottish football will still languish behind when it comes to competing on a European level.

Liverpool received £151million for finishing second in the Premier League and Rangers received £2.7million for finishing second in the Scottish Premiership. The disparity is there for all to see.

The Old Firm will continue to dominate domestically and clubs will continue to be happy with the measly £30million they receive from Sky.

However, Robertson is right, they must test the water when it comes to broadcasting commitments and try and get the best deal possible for the domestic game.

Until the deal until 2029 is signed off – Rangers and Celtic should be pushing for the rest of the Scottish Premiership to have a rethink.

This isn’t the first time this week Robertson has been speaking about Rangers’ finances, with the Ibrox chief also shedding light on the Gers’ alleged £40m Champions League prize money (Rangers Review, 21 September).

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