By Pranav Shahaney

22nd Sep, 2022 | 9:48pm

Kieran Maguire: Everton still owe Rangers £7.4m for Nathan Patterson

Rangers are still reportedly owed £7.4million from Everton for the Nathan Patterson transfer which went ahead in January 2022.

According to Kieran Maguire, a football finance expert as well as the author of the Price of Football blog, Gers did not get the entire £11million at once.

The Toffees will be paying it to them in three instalments – of which the first one has been paid and the second one is due next January.

Maguire told This Is Ibrox (18:06), “I work in the city of Liverpool. I know people in Liverpool and Everton pretty well.

“My sources tell me that for Nathan Patterson, Everton are paying three amounts of about £3.7million.

“So will Rangers the £11million over the period of the transfer? Yes they will. How much have they got now? They’ve only received £3.7million.

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“They’ll get another 3.7million next January.”

Bad strategy

Such deals make it difficult for Rangers to sign quality replacements as they lose a first-team player and only get one-third the fee they’re actually supposed to receive.

While Patterson was not a regular starter, it may not have impacted them so much, but even for Calvin Bassey and Joe Aribo, not all of it would have been paid upfront.

Gers are a club that wants to be self sufficient and that’s a very good principle on paper, but the implementation of it needs to make sense and it currently isn’t.

The club’s transfer strategy is extremely flawed and it’s the manager who’s paying the price for it eventually.

This is not to exempt him or Ross Wilson from any blame as this side is not that bad to lose 4-0 to Ajax and Celtic so they need to step up as well.

For Wilson, he’s certainly got to be bringing better players through the door as only two of the 25 signings he’s made since 2019 started in the 3-0 loss against Napoli.

In other Rangers news, the club now had a record-breaking striker on trial at Ibrox and he’s gone on to make headlines in the United Kingdom.