By Liam Thomas

20th Sep, 2022 | 8:40am

Rangers Deputy Chairman John Bennett urges owners of the club to connect with fans again

Rangers deputy chairman John Bennett has been left annoyed by the club’s lack of communication between the hierarchy and fans.

It’s a well overdue sit-down from the deputy chairman with the lack of investment in Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s team being highlighted by fans as their main source of concern this campaign.

Ironic that the full sitdown will be shown behind a paywall for Rangers TV, during which Bennett highlights that communication with the fans needs to be better.

A snippet of the interview has been released by the club’s Twitter account, in which Bennet details the ongoing struggle between the fans and the owners of Rangers.

“We must accept that there will always be challenges, challenged by our own support, rightly so, they’re the lifeblood that’s who really owns this club,” he said.

“I’m a part owner of Rangers but I’m every bit as part an owner of Rangers as a fan, as a supporter, as I am somebody who happens to own some shares.

“So never, never will we take them for granted that’s why I’m annoyed, at some valid, some valid criticism, that our communication with our fans hasn’t been good enough.”

Actions speak louder

Rangers have fallen further behind nearest Scottish Premiership rivals Celtic this season and this is largely down to the club’s lack of investment from the owners.

It’s inexcusable to not reinvest some of the money earned from making the UEFA Europa League final and it’s time for the hierarchy to put their words into action.

Gers have already had two big defeats in this season’s UEFA Champions League, a competition that was meant to reward the team for what they achieved last season; it’s turning into a nightmare.

There was definitely some confidence regained for fans in the win against Dundee on Saturday but this does little to provide them with confidence that the club’s owners will back the GVB in the next window.

Let’s hope this new “communication” goes a long way and we can finally start to see some positive changes in what has been a disappointing season so far.

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