By Sean Fisher

14th Sep, 2022 | 10:20pm

Simon Jordan praises Rangers for spine-tingling National Anthem before Napoli clash

Despite being warned not to by UEFA, Rangers held a minute silence and sang the national anthem before their Champions League match v Napoli.

Ibrox put on a stunning display in the lead-up to their Champions League group stage match v Napoli, with fans raising a tifo of the Union Jack and erupting in song to pay respect to Queen Elizabeth II.

Earlier in the week, UEFA banned British clubs from singing the national anthem prior to kick-off, but Rangers went ahead and defied the command on Wednesday evening.

Their pre-match performance was well greeted on social media, with former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan in particular praising the club.

Jordan took to Twitter to simply post: “Well done.”

A fantastic tribute

As expected, Rangers did themselves proud on Wednesday night. The players and fans united in a heartwarming display to deliver a spine-tingling performance of the national anthem, directly after an immaculately-respected minute of silence in Glasgow.

Despite UEFA’s attempt to silence the club and their supporters earlier this week, Ibrox was littered in red white and blue as the fans and players both paid their respect to Queen Elizabeth II.

The tributes won’t stop there – regardless of UEFA’s attempt to intervene – and Rangers will likely follow up their pre-match performance on Wednesday with a number of others in the coming weeks.

With matches against Dundee United, Hearts and Liverpool on the horizon, expect plenty more tributes from Rangers as the club continues to honour the longest-reigning monarch in the United Kingdom’s history.

As for Jordan, he was one of many to pile praise on the club for its defiance towards UEFA. 

In other Rangers news, the club is eyeing up the signing of free agent Gary Cahill