By Joe Ellis

14th Sep, 2022 | 11:10am

Rangers have 'Zen coach' in Giovanni van Bronckhorst - David van Maurik

Giovanni van Bronckhorst is under some serious pressure at Rangers now after back-to-back 4-0 pummellings in Europe and Scotland.

Ajax and Celtic have both dismantled the Light Blues and now the Dutchman needs to find a way to turn things around against Napoli.

But Dutch analyst David ban Maurik is not at all worried about his countryman having previously worked with him at Feyenoord and been impressed by his managerial skills.

“I’ve worked with several coaches and it can be about keeping up appearances, but what I experienced working with Gio is that, while he is the boss, he brings it to the table a different way,” he said to The Athletic.

“I call him the Zen coach as he is very in control. He gives a lot of responsibility to other staff members and what stands out is that he knows what he can and can’t do.

“He’s not afraid to admit he doesn’t know everything. He brings in specialists in his staff to help on certain topics. He trusts in expertise. He asks a lot of questions and that is the quality of a good manager.”

Too cool

Being cool, calm and collected is all well and good most of the time but there are instances where the players need their manager to go berserk at them and really let them know of his dissatisfaction.

A manager who is incapable of shouting at his players for doing something wrong is not going to keep a stronghold of the dressing room for very long because the more troublesome members will take over.

Alfredo Morelos has already tested his resolve and the only way van Bronckhorst could deal with it was dropping him to the youth teams for a brief period which doesn’t show the rest of the squad what he is capable of.

He could be seen as guilty of trying to make everyone like him when his job is to lead the team to winning games and subsequent trophies over anything else.

He is the most dispensable person within the first team if things go wrong and he has to do more to ensure that doesn’t happen anytime soon.

In other Rangers news, the Bears got very lucky with the severity of an injury to this teenage starlet and must never make the same mistake again.