By Mike Slater

27th May, 2022 | 7:10pm

Peter Martin and Tam McManus stunned by Rangers' loans and investment

Peter Martin and Tam McManus have both been left stunned by the investment and loans pumped into Rangers by the fans in recent years.

Looking at recent finance reviews which highlighted losses of over £80million across the past 10 years, the Bears should post a profit now after their Europa League exploits.

Wealthy Rangers fans are said to have pumped millions into the club without interest and will just take the repayments when the time is right.

Speaking live on PLZ Soccer over on YouTube this week, Martin kickstarted the review of the figures from the Europa League which spiralled into a deeper look.

“I think it may not be the riches of the Champions League, but there is money to be made in the Europa League,” he said. “There has been a lot of people putting in loans, soft loans, that they don’t want the interest back, when the time is right, they will be looking for their loan back.

“The backing from wealthy Rangers fans has been incredible.”

McManus agreed, but did send the warning that this won’t be able to continue every single year.

“No, it has, it couldn’t have come at a better time for Rangers,” he said. “You look at the losses they’re racking up over the past 10 years, they had to have a season where they made money.”


This is a club that has some of the best fans around, and this only proves that.

Club 1872 along with many others holding shares and pumping money into the club to keep it progressing is something that is very unique and it has taken us back to the top.

Starting from the bottom and making our way back up called for solidarity, and reaching the Europa League final was the peak of that and only the start of our journey moving forward.

Bringing in this type of windfall regularly is huge, and qualifying for the Champions League this summer would be another huge chunk of money that could split those losses over 10 years in half.

That would be massive.

It is all about progression of course, but the money is what breeds power and having that £40million windfall form the Champions League on top of that we already earned from the Europa League – it would be a power statement.

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