By Saikat Mandal

20th May, 2022 | 12:30pm

Barry Ferguson lends support to Aaron Ramsey after Rangers Europa heartbreak

Barry Ferguson has lent support to Rangers midfielder Aaron Ramsey after he missed the penalty in the Europa League final against Frankfurt on 18 May.

The former Ibrox skipper suggested that he was in his shoes back in 2008 when he missed a penalty and that Ramsey shouldn’t be blamed.

Ramsey, who joined in January on loan from Juventus, has proved to be a poor signing for the club, and it’s really unfortunate that he won’t be remembered fondly during his time at the club.

Ferguson wrote for The Daily Record: “So to then lose it the cruellest way imaginable? It was too much. My guts were churning for Aaron Ramsey. I know exactly how he felt because I’ve been in those shoes myself. 

“The funny thing is not many Rangers fans actually remember that I missed one in the shoot-out against Fiorentina on the night we made it to Manchester. It’s forgotten about because we went through in the end. But, believe me, I can still feel it today. Don’t you worry about that.

“I walked back to the centre circle with my head scrambled. A total mess. The only hope I was clinging to was that there was still time for my mates to dig me out of a hole. But Ramsey didn’t have that safety net. Mine was the first kick. His was the fourth.

“So I was distraught for the guy and I take issue with anyone who lays the blame for this defeat at his door. The best players in the world have missed from 12 yards – it happens – and it’s unfair to hold it against him.”


It was a cruel end to an amazing journey.

There is always going to be one winner in the penalty shoot-out and unfortunately, it’s the German side who will progress to the Champions League group stages next season.

It seemed like the Gers were heading towards a victory when Joe Aribo gave them the lead in the second half. It was an ice-cool finish in the boiling cauldron at Seville.

The Germans fought back to equalise through Rafael Borre in the 69th minute. Eventually, the game was decided on fine margins, with Ramsey missing a crucial penalty.

Ferguson is right. In big tournaments, great players have missed from 12 yards out. In 2005, Andriy Shevchenko missed a penalty in the Champions League final against Liverpool.

Likewise, who can forget Roberto Baggio’s famous miss in the 1994 World Cup final against Brazil?

It’s unfair to blame Ramsey. It can happen to anyone in football.

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