By Mike Slater

18th May, 2022 | 7:15am

Graham Spiers flies off hinges as Ally McCoist joins Rangers messages for fans v Eintracht Frankfurt

Graham Spiers could not believe his eyes that yet another Rangers legend message was sent out to fans in the past 24 hours ahead of the Europa League final against Eintracht Frankfurt.

This time it was the turn of Ally McCoist, who has joined a long line of videos urging fans to behave themselves over in Seville ahead of the final on Wednesday [18 May].

Spiers ironically insisted that the club clearly trusts their fans, although all videos on social media have been positive with no real clashes between the clubs as of yet in Spain.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, Spiers couldn’t believe that yet another legend of the club had been dragged in to deliver the same message.

“Good grief,” he wrote. “Poor Ally McCoist now dragged into the begging and beseeching for human decency.

“Please, please, please. Clearly, a club that trusts its supporters.”

Another One.

We are finally at the day of the final, and these messages can finally stop.

Rangers are here and it has been a humongous effort in this journey for the Bears to finally return to the top of Europe after more than a decade away.

Of course, the scenes in Seville may change based on the result of the game but from what we have seen, the scenes have been relatively peaceful, with fans getting along.

That must not change before and after the full-time whistle this evening.

Whether we lift that trophy or not, all of us connected with the club must leave proud and with our heads held high, with this achievement huge not only for the club but for the whole of Scotland.

It’s not easy carrying an entire nation in European competitions, but we’ve been doing it for years now so to bring home one of the major trophies while doing it would be amazing.

As for those ridiculing the messages, lighten up.

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