By Joe Ellis

13th May, 2022 | 5:40pm

Rangers remain silent on Europa League beam back decision, Club 1872 confirm

Rangers have decided not to beam back a stream of the Europa League final on Wednesday (18 May) to fans unable to attend in Seville.

The club cited in a statement on the official club website that they can’t gather the necessary safety staff to hold such a major event with the usual contingent of stewards and police required in Spain for the game.

Major shareholders Club 1872 though have been told by a number of people that such an event could still be held at Ibrox but it was the club who have decided not to do so.

“We’ve now spoken to several providers who’ve confirmed to us that it’s possible to screen the EL Final at Ibrox,” the group said via their Twitter account.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had no response from Stewart Robertson but the club has now made it clear that they won’t open the stadium for supporters under any circumstances.

“We would reiterate our extreme disappointment at this stance. With better planning and preparation this event should have been possible.”


As the season draws towards a close, it is beginning to seem obvious that some of those in high-standing positions at the club are already on the beach.

They clearly didn’t fancy having to organise such an event and thought that the easy way out was to make up an excuse as to why they couldn’t.

The truth appears to be that they simply haven’t tried hard enough to get the necessary plans in place for this and they have angered a lot of the club’s fanbase as a result.

There is no way that there aren’t enough safety stewards and bouncers in the country to allow this event to take place and there can’t be all that many events requiring giant screens on a Wednesday evening.

It might not be a problem for the 7,000 Light Blues fans at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on the night and those in the fan zone in Seville but there are a lot of supporters who would have paid decent money to watch the game at Ibrox and the club have failed the fans on this occasion.

In other Rangers news, this January target is set to snub the Gers with a move to the Bundesliga preferred.