By Daniel Feliciano

11th May, 2022 | 6:34am

Ally McCoist absolutely furious with UEFA over ticket scandal for Rangers v Frankfurt

Ally McCoist has revealed that he has been told by Rangers that a second stadium in Seville will be opened to show the Europa League final.

Rangers were handed an allocation of just over 9,000 tickets for the final against Frankfurt, which is to be held in a 40,000 capacity stadium, sparking outrage among fans and club figures.

Now McCoist, speaking on talkSPORT breakfast show [6:09am. May 11] has shared that he has been trying to get tickets himself and was given an update on the morning of May 11 about the situation.

“I just about spent the entire day on the phone and e-mails trying to get tickets for the Europa League final in Seville,” he said.

“Do you know what I was doing? I was actually e-mailing people at UEFA that I’ve never met before. Anything they wanted off me. I would cook them breakfast, I’d do their ironing.. I’ve not heard anything back from anybody yet.

“Honestly, you think I’m joking. I’m trying everybody, I’ve ever known anything like it. I’m actually quite angry about it, but I’m not going to get angry about it at nine minutes past six.

“How can UEFA possibly have a European final with 40,000 people there and give just over 9,000 tickets to opposition fans of both clubs? Before I start slaughtering them, the rest are the people I’m trying to get the tickets off [laughs].

“That’s why I’m going easy on them at this moment in time, but you see if I don’t get any.. wait until you hear me, the following morning.

“Just over 9,000 tickets and they reckon they’ll be taking at least 80 [thousand]. Wee George informed me this morning that they’re going to have to open the other stadium in Seville. For fans to go and watch the game, they’re going to put big screens up I think.”


Once again, UEFA’s greedy little cronies have struck and it’s match going fans that will miss out on a historic moment for their club despite giving everything to be there.

McCoist will likely end up in Seville because of his status, but just imagine how difficult it is for a regular Rangers fan to bag tickets for the game if even the club’s greatest ever goal scorer can’t do it.

It seems as though a solution has been found to open the stadium and put the game on with screens, which is a positive, but it doesn’t take away from the crooks higher up that have taken advantage of fans once again.

Less than half the available allocation is going to actual fans of the clubs involved in the game, with the rest going on general sale and to corporate – meaning sponsors and VIP guests.

It’s just another sign that the governing bodies don’t care about fans, and instead care about cash.

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