By Pranav Shahaney

9th May, 2022 | 8:40pm

Rangers tease major announcement ahead of Europa League final which will excite fans

Rangers have teased the announcement of an orange third kit for next season which should be official on Tuesday (May 10).

While they have not mentioned too much about it, there is a minute chance that they could wear it for the Europa League final.

Should they make that official with the announcement, it will be a good chance to ramp up jersey sales ahead of a huge European finale.

Via their official Twitter handle, they teased the orange coloured kit.

Fans are extremely sentimental about memorabilia surrounding big games and this one is no different.

Gers have not won a European trophy since 1972 and after 50 years should they achieve it, it will be something that fans of this generation will never forget.

Having the kit that they wore to achieve that will only make that memory all the more special and we’re hoping that they debut this one for the final.

Clubs have done that in the past and have put the proceeds to good use and Rangers can do exactly that.

It will be an opportunity to raise awareness and create excitement among the fans at the same time.

They can also wear it for home games in the league as they will be building up to the grand finale against Eintracht Frankfurt.

9 am on Tuesday morning cannot come sooner for us and we’re going to order it as soon as it’s live on the website.

In other Rangers news, the club are ‘not convinced’ by a key first-team player and an early termination of his contract is extremely likely.