By George Overhill

4th May, 2022 | 5:10pm

Swiss Ramble shows how Champions League would earn Celtic millions more than Rangers

Rangers would earn millions of pounds less than Celtic through Champions League qualification because of the UEFA coefficient, according to Swiss Ramble.

The Hoops look set to win the Scottish title and with it the automatic spot in the group stage of the top European competition next year, but even if Gers overtook them they would still make less money.

The Light Blues UEFA coefficient, based on performance in European competition over the previous five seasons, is 60 places lower than their Glasgow rivals, 98th vs 38th, making them eligible for less.

The football finance expert provided a break down of the numbers on their Twitter account, complete with a projection based on a possible performance in the group stage.

The difference in coefficient would result in an immediate gap of €5.7million in the payment UEFA would give either side, with Celtic set to be paid €9.1million, whereas Gers would only get €3.4million in the same situation.

In pounds, based on a group stage performance where either of the Glasgow giants won one game and drew another out of six, that would make participation in that round of the competition worth £30million to Celtic, but £25million to Rangers.


The UEFA coefficient has few supporters among regular football fans, and especially in Scottish football where the nation’s overall coefficient wasn’t deemed worthy of a spot in the top competition for the champions for some time until this year.

This breakdown illustrates the stupidity of a system for rewarding clubs differently for the same achievements, based on previous performance.

Football’s decision makers, much like those in other areas of life, continually hedge the bets in favour of established sides.

That’s one of the reasons why the catastrophic rebuild that the Bears had to embark on over the previous decade has ongoing consequences.

It also forces clubs to put together a shock run in the way Giovanni van Bronckhorst has got his side doing this season to boost it for subsequent years.

The club’s presence in the semi-final of the Europa League, which could yet be the route to the Champions League next year, will be a big help in terms of future rankings.

But it remains a biased system that unfairly weights things against teams looking to make a breakthrough.

In other Rangers news, a decision appears to have been made on the future of a star player at Ibrox.