By Pranav Shahaney

2nd May, 2022 | 9:30pm

Rangers media partner reacts as major club sponsor goes underground

Rangers sponsors Sportemon Go have taken down their website and appear nowhere to be seen, according to journalist Graham Ruthven.

The club signed a two-year deal with the NFT company back in October 2021.

They even became a top-tier sponsor and had their branding on the back of Gers’ jersey as well.

Reacting to news that the agreement is now on the brink, Heart and Hand, the club’s official media partner, wrote, “NFTs are an unregulated market full of con men. Avoid.”


The company now appears to be a scam as they’ve just disappeared into thin air.

We do not know what this means for Rangers and their pre-existing arrangement.

Whether or not the club will get their jerseys amended and have no representation of Sportemon Go remains to be seen.

It’s best to avoid such shady companies in the future as it gives the club a bad reputation.

The NFT world is still in its infancy and while football clubs want to keep up with the times, they must know when to pull the breaks.

Thus far, there’s no official word from the club about this development and it will be interesting to see how this matter is handled because this certainly is not the last we’re hearing of it.

In other Rangers news, the club are ‘not convinced’ by a key first-team player and an early termination of his contract is extremely likely.